"They must be great warriors. Bloody-handed Elves or some of those filthy Tarks..."


This once-mighty citadel in the North bears age-old scars of darkness. In the days of the ancient northern Dúnedain kingdom of Arnor, Fornost stood proudly as a key fortress. When Arnor declined and then split into three smaller realms, Fornost became the capital of Arthedain. Its full name, Fornost Erain, is of Elvish origin and means “north fortress of the kings.” It has also been known as Norbury and Norbury of the Kings.

Its fall was as great as its glory, sadly – destruction came at the hands of the Witch-king of Angmar in the Third Age, leading to abandonment and ruin. The crumbling structure has stood for ages as a fearful place to many, and the people of Bree call it Deadman’s Dike. None but Rangers dare to tread there now.

As darkness builds anew throughout all of Middle-earth, evil forces have once again set their sights on this abandoned citadel. A dark army is gathering quietly behind its walls, preparing for an advancing war and betting on the element of surprise.



Elladan and ElrohirEdit



Friend to the EaglesEdit

Help free the Great Eagle Beleram.

Elf-friend Join forces with the sons of Elrond.

Tharzog's BaneEdit

Defeat Agandaurs lieutenant Tharzog.