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Elf Stones


Many of these Potions, Elixirs and Cakes are made with Andriel's crafting abilities only.

Map fragments include: Weathertop, Carrock, Ford of Bruinen, Trollshaws, Gladden Fields, The Black Gate(Morannon), Dale, Fangorn Forest, The Dark Tower(Barad-dur), Grey Haven(Mithlond).

Name Value Description
Choice of Rewards 1 A choice of gift for completion of a side quest.
Cram 15 5 Strength, Improved Power Regeneration

Duration: 1.5 minutes

Dried Fish 4 Heals 40 health.
Efficiency Elixir 50 Power cost of skills is reduced 80%

Duration: 10 minutes

Elixir of Learning 50 x2 experience earned

Duration: 1 minute

Elixir of Lethal Striking 50 Enemies hit receive Deep Wounds.

Duration: 3 minutes

Elixir of Powerful Shooting 50 Enemies hit with normal ranged shots are stunned

Duration: 10 minutes

Great Feather 50 Summons Beleram to strike at an enemy.
Healing Cake 50 Improved health regeneration.

Duration: 1 minute

Healing Salve 35 Heals 200 health.
Health Potion 45 Restores a % of your health.
Hero's Potion 50 Each strike gives +1000 bonus damage while in Heroic Mode.

Duration: 2 minutes

Map Fragments 30 A piece of the map, use it to add the location to your map of Middle Earth.
Miruvor 50 Full Health and Power, +20 Strength, +20 Dexterity, +30 Stamina

Duration: 5 minutes

Orc-liquor 20

+25 Stamina, +50 Melee Damage Duration: 2.5 minutes

Potion of Hardiness 50 Health x 2

Duration: 60 minutes

Potion of Might 50 All strikes have minor Area Damage, and enemies are Slowed.

Duration: 2 minutes

Potion of Quickness 50 Upon being struck there's a chance for a temporary increase in speed

Duration: 5 minutes

Potion of Resurgence 50 Protection from death while effect lasts: auto-revive once.

Duration: 2 minutes

Potion of Retribution 50 Enemies who strike the player are injured (equal to 30% of player damage)

Duration: 10 minutes

Potion of Wisdom 50 +750 Power

Duration: 10 minutes

Power Potion 40 Restores a % of your power.
Rejuvenating Cake 50 Improved health and power regeneration.

Duration: 1 minute

Rejuvenation Potion 50 Restores both health and power.
Re-spec Token 4000 Allows you to change how you originally distributed your characters skill and stat points.
Restoring Cake 50 Improved power regeneration.

Duration: 1 minute

Stale Grey Bread 1 When consumed, heals for 5 health.
Strength Potion 50 Strength x2

Duration: 1 minute

Strong Ale 30 Heals 40 Health.
Victor's Brew 50 Receive orbs upon enemy kill.

Duration: 1 minute

Warding Potion 50

+50% of received damage is absorbed

Duration: 1 minute


These 16 items can be gathered by Andriel and crafted into potions, other characters cannot collect them and can only sell those currently in your inventory.

Name Value Description
Alfirin 2 (Never-fade) A delicate bell-shaped, golden flower.
Arthrif 1 (Noble-bark) A thin silver-grey tree bark.
Carandol 3 (Red Cap) A small mushroom with a brilliant red cap.
Elanor 3 (Sun-star) A small, golden, star-shaped flower.
Gwinuial 1 (Twilight Vine) A low creeper with tiny blooms resembling dim stars.
Hithlas 1 (Mist-leaf) A small bush with grey-green leaves.
Lothrond 2 (Cave-flower) A fungus with a colorful cap which grows in separate segments reminiscent of the petals of a flower.
Meluinen 1 (Sweet-water) Crystal clear mineral water.
Morthond 3 (Black Root) A dark, many-lobed tuber.
Naugrimbas 2 (Dwarf-bread) A bloated, unappealing mushroom; edible, but foul. Often used by dwarves as an emergency ration.
Naurivor 1 (Flame Crystal) Tiny, fiery-red crystals.
Niphredil 1 (Snowdrop) A pale white flower atop a slender green stalk.
Orchamarth 3 (Orc-bane) A sickly-looking fungus which often proves deadly to those who handle it improperly.
Remmenthond 2 (Tangle Root) A cluster of thin, densely-intertwined roots.
Rhiwaeg 5 (Winterthorn) A hardy shrub bearing many prickly leaves.
Simbelmyne 2 (Evermind) A small, low growing, white flower found in clusters.

Alfirin /


Arthrif /




Elanor /


Hithlas /






Naurivor /


Alfirin/Lothrond none Power Potion Health Potion Rejuvenating Potion none none Rejuvenating Cake none
Arthrif/Naugrimbas Power Potion none none Elixir of Learning Restoring Cake none none none
Carandol/Gwinuial Health Potion none none none Healing Cake Strength Potion Warding Potion none
Elanor/Orchamarth Rejuvenating Potion Elixir of Learning none none Potion of Quickness Hero's Potion none none
Hithlas/Remmenthond none Restoring Cake Healing Cake Potion of Quickness none none none Victor's Brew
Meluinen/Rhiwaeg none none Strength Potion Hero's Potion none none none Potion of Might
Morthond/Niphredil Rejuvenating Cake none Warding Potion none none none none Potion of Resurgence
Naurivor/Simbelmyne none none none none Victor's Brew Potion of Might Potion of Resurgence none


These items and gems have no purpose in the game but to be sold for coins.

Name Value
Animal Pelt 17
Arrowheads 4
Barbed Hook 2
Bronze Chain Belt 30
Bronze Goblet 20
Bronze Horn 40
Candle 6
Carved Bone Dice 2
Ceramic Ewer 45
Ceramic Urn 85
Chipped Diamond 32600
Chipped Ruby 16300
Chipped Sapphire 4080
Chipped Topaz 2040
Cut Diamond 65600
Cut Emerald 16400
Cut Ruby 32800
Cut Sapphire 8200
Cut Topaz 4080
Decorative Plate 10
Drinking Horn 70
Flawed Emerald 8160
Gold Bracelet 70
Gold Ceremonial Dagger 105
Gold Chain 350
Gold Crown 800
Gold Ingot 100
Gold Nugget 100
Gold Pipe 90
Gold Pitcher 230
Gold Plate 85
Gold Scepter 130
Gold Statue 250
Iron Chain 18
Iron Collar 1
Iron Shod Shoe 2
Jewel Encrusted Statue 460
Jeweled Belt 550
Jeweled Bracelet 120
Jeweled Broach 65
Jeweled Ceremonial Dagger 220
Jeweled Scepter 240
Jewelry Box 120
Large Gold Nugget 150
Large Gold Goblet 95
Large Jeweled Goblet 200
Large Silver Goblet 65
Manacles 1
Metal Tongs 4
Nails 1
Old Tool 6
Perfect Amber 576
Perfect Diamond 97600
Perfect Emerald 24400
Perfect Malachite 240
Perfect Ruby 48800
Perfect Sapphire 12200
Perfect Topaz 6120
Polished Diamond 12200
Raven Adorned War-gear 1
Rough Sapphire 510
Shaped Amber 384
Silver Bracelet 40
Silver Ceremonial Dagger 65
Silver Chain Belt 120
Silver Crown 400
Silver Ingot 50
Silver Pipe 55
Silver Plate 55
Silver Scepter 75
Silver Statue 120
Silver Urn 100
Small Gold Nugget 50
Smooth Ruby 6120
Tarnished Silver Pitcher 161
Uncut Diamond 4100
Uncut Ruby 2040
Uncut Topaz 255
Whip 12