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Mirkwood is an ancient forest that lies east of the Misty Mountains and south of the Grey Mountains. Its heavy canopy obscures almost all light, making it a dark and often dangerous landscape for anyone who dares enter it.

Being the largest forest in Middle-earth, Mirkwood is home to the Woodland Realm of the Elves, as well as Legolas, who accompanied the One Ring as a member of the Fellowship. It is also where Radagast the Brown resides, although rumors suggest that even he is on the move, seeking out a remote area of the forest where there is relative safety from the gathering dark forces in the south.

Unfortunately, its dark, uncharted landscape makes it an ideal refuge for more nefarious forces. Those willing to brave its winding paths and foggy routes bring back tales of expansive spider nests and caves deep enough to house trolls. Wargs run wild underneath the canopy, and their calls alert nearby Orc encampments of any unwanted visitors.




Radagast the Brown


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