"Kill the intruders!"


Dwelling in the dark places of Middle-earth—from the deep roots of the Misty Mountains to the tangled depths of Mirkwood and beyond—you will find the race of Orcs.

In the past, Orcs were partially held in check by their relatively small size and aversion to sunlight, but some 500 years ago unleashed a new breed of larger, stronger Orc, better able to resist the light of the sun, they fell in great numbers upon the armies of Gondor, driving them from the lands of Ithilien. It is rumored that the Dark Lord created the Orcs by corrupting the races of Men. Since that time, Orcs have spread across much of Middle-earth, where they can be found as leaders of lesser Orcs, or gathered in strong bands of their own kind.

Orcs share a love of violence. Although they make effective weapons and instruments of torture. Orcs are driven by violence, which they extend freely to their own kind.

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