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The Ettenmoors.



Lying north of Rivendell , this rugged westward spur of the Misty Mountains serves as the gateway to the savage, untamed regions of northern Middle-earth.

The stunning vistas of the foothills and the Misty Mountains betray the danger lurking along the winding paths that mark the way through this land. Caves filled with Orcs and ridges teeming with Goblins are threat enough to detract any but the boldest travelers, but there is an even greater danger here: The Ettenmoors are a haven for Troll-kind. Aragorn's grandfather Arador lost his life battling Trolls here.

Dark forces are drawn to the Ettenmoors in the hopes of recruiting these large and powerful brutes to their side. To travel through this land is to risk walking into a growing army.

The Ettenmoors had once been a peaceful part of the DĂșnedain kingdom of Arnor until the mid-Third Age during the Angmar War when the breakaway kingdom of Rhudaur was a vassal of the Witch-King of Angmar. After the war, the Witch-King fled to the Ettenmoors after his defeat at the Battle of Fornost . At this time the Ettenmoors were mainly ruled by Hillmen, Goblins , and Orc chieftains, and was home to Giants, Goblins , Trolls, Dragons, Orcs , Wargs,White Wolves, and Barrow-wights.







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Slay Bargrisar the stone giant.