"Besting a troll in combat..."


These creatures are as massive as they are dangerous, and are best avoided whenever possible. Their sheer size is their most noteworthy trait, given that they tower over almost all other creatures in Middle-earth, yet the biggest threats are their propensity to enter a rage when disturbed and their dogged determination to take down a target once it has been identified.

Trolls can be found throughout Middle-earth, from the heights of the tallest mountains to the depths of the most remote caves. While some trolls are susceptible to sunlight and turn to stone when exposed to it, many are more than capable of roaming unchecked by any notable weakness.

Do not be fooled by their large size and general lumbering movements. When they spot a potential target, they are capable of charging with a force strong enough to knock down even the strongest opponent. Once engaged in combat, it is nearly impossible to shake them.

Trolls may seem nearly invincible, given their tough hides and seemingly unlimited force, yet their blind rage is a weakness to be exploited. Working together is key when taking on a troll of any kind, as they will often focus all of their aggression on one target. This approach can obviously be quite deadly for the subject of their attention, but has the benefit of making them susceptible to attacks from behind and the side. Take care, however, as they are known to lash out wildly when attacked, causing collateral damage, and often forgo their previous target for whatever ends up in their line of vision at the end of an outburst. Once in the hands of a troll, the only hope for survival comes from diverting attention to another target.